JobsDB Social Branding Campaign

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JobsDB is the industry-leading brand in the job-seeking market across Southeast Asia, including China and Hong Kong. To transpose to from a traditional job portal to a social brand, they started a refresh campaign.

Campaign Goals

How we helped?

Refresh brand image through social media campaign, video production and influencer marketing.

Grow and attract audience from the young generation (18-35 years old)

Direct traffic to Jobsdb job portal, and increase no. of users.

Content Marketing

We tailor-made over 100 branded contents for social media, including motion graphic design, and produced adhesive yet practical content for young job seekers.
% increase in share of voice (IG)

Influencer Marketing


To virally promote the brand’s theme #JobsThatMatter, our client launched 4 sets of face-detection AR filters for Instagram users to generate thematic content.

We collaborated with more than 20 well-known influencers such as 熊仔頭@FHproduction and JessicaChan@試當真 who work in various industry to incorporate daily entertainment into workplace.

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In the modern era, people no longer need to find passionate jobs in an offline context. We promoted our client’s major campaign “Virtual Carrer Fair” by launching a series of adhesive social content and colloborating with numerous influencers.