6IXTY 8IGHT Influencer Campaign

influencer marketing | video production


6IXTY 8IGHT is one of the most loved fashion and lingerie brands around the world. Their brand DNA "Be Authentic" describes the importance to be yourself even when you grow up. To remind audience about this motto, we launched influencer campaigns for our client.

Campaign Goals

How we helped?

Handpick and match the perfect influencers for our client

Theme and campaign generation, in accordance to video production work.

Direct traffic to 6IXTY 8IGHT e-Commerce store.

Idea Generation

#Be Authentic 


To communicate the branded theme, we generated numerous ideas that suit the brand’s image and at the same time being creative and down to earth.

We collorated with several Youtubers, publishing custom-made contents and videos that promote “girlish sweet-heart”. Growing up doesn’t mean scarificing your own self, and we successfully promoted this message to our client’s audience.

#Influencer Matching

One thing to mention, is that we take extra care when dealing with our client’s nature of business. When we engage with sexy and lingerie related contents, if influencers are not choosen with care, our campaign will receive a lot of unwanted attention and possibly negative reactions.

The perfect balance: being appealing but not sexy in a seducive way. Our team scanned through influencers/ Youtubers profile to handpick the best candidate for our client.