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Revenue of advertisers in Q2 2021

Can you get hold of this opportunity?


No. of ads a user clicks on per month

When user clicks, how can you turn that into revenue?


No. of Facebook advertisers in HK

How can you standout?


% of advertisers reported performance drop in Q3 of 2021

Do you know why?

Supercharge your business with our unique formula     #COFT

We create ads that capture the attention of your audiences, with bold colors and claims while maintaining a consistent brand image.

What are you trying to sell? If your product/service is not unique in the market, probably it won’t sell well.

Sales and revenue aside, the progress and jounrey of your customer is also crucial for a successful conversion.

Last but not least, you have to reach the correct and most valuable audience in order to convert.

Client showcase

Rakku Zakka

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We selected the best products from Japan, repackaged in consistence with the brand, and run it in conversion/ retarget campaigns.


times increase in profit over 6 months

Performance oriented

With ads, the only thing that matters is result and your end goal.

Result oriented content

Your offer and content still matter most in media buy. We plan causiously about what we are trying to sell.

Optimization and tracking

We closely monitor and adjust the focus of your spending so that we can develop a winning strategy for your brand.

customer jounrey

At the end of the day, you want sales/ conversions. Yet, from micro-conversion, or leads generation, we plan with care.