Pinkoi HK Youth Market Penetration

youth and college | content marketing | influencer marketing | lead generation


Pinkoi is Asia’s leading online marketplace for original design goods, digital creations and workshop experiences. The platform continuously brings Asian design brands to the international market, connects and empowers both brands and consumers, creating a high-quality design lifestyle ecosystem.

Campaign Goals

Pinkoi decided to reach more youth and college audience and launched a project #Pinkoi香港嘢 to promote Hong Kong local design brands. We executed an online campaign integrated with content marketing, influencer marketing, and lead generation to penetrate Hong Kong’s youth market.

Content Marketing

Tell stories by resonance

Pinkoi’s DNA is about the connection between lifestyle and high-quality original design goods. To best execute the campaign, the photos were taken in various historically valuable places in Hong Kong, raising public awareness on the campaign by establishing a connection between local brands and viewers’ personal emotions.

Photos were adapted into Instagram Story ads, and influencer feeds, aiming to reach the young audience.

Influencer Marketing

Enhance the voice on social media

The young generation nowadays can hardly get know to old brands in daily life. We invited influencers from different backgrounds, telling their childhood stories from fragments and small memories, maybe a plastic-made cup or a nylon bag, visualising Hong Kong cultures from people’s stories to enhance the public acknowledgement of the campaign idea.

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