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JobsDB is the industry-leading brand in the job-seeking market across Southeast Asia, including China and Hong Kong. To reform from a traditional job portal to an inspirational brand, JobsDB started a brand refresh campaign.

The brand theme #JobsThatMatter encourages people to continue to seek purpose for work, rather than working without passion.

Campaign Goals

Refreshing the brand image throughout social media, including content, design, influencer collaboration, and advertising.

To better connect with Generation Z, who start seeking jobs, by reforming the tone of voice, content presentation, ways of engagement, etc. on every marketing materials.

Enhance our works on social media via programmatic ads in the objective of brand awareness and lead conversion.

Brand Refresh on Social Media

Showcase the brand DNAs to the young generation

To present an aspirational brand image and better connect with youngsters, we reform social media management style, content marketing, influencer marketing, and advertising as a whole project.

Content Marketing

Boost the Share of Voice on social media

We tailor-made over 100 branded contents for social media, including motion graphic design. We continuously seek suitable topic direction and elevate the graphic design style to generate sticky but practical content for job seekers, especially young generation. In 3 months, we raised the Share of Voice of JobsDB HK for more than 250% in the job portal competitive market on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing

Thematic Instagram Story AR filter

To virally promote the brand theme #JobsThatMatter, JobsDB launched 4 sets of face-detection AR filters for Instagram users to generate thematic Instagram Story content. We managed to collaborate with more than 20 well-known influencers such as 熊仔頭@FHproduction and Jessica Chan@試當真 in different industries, publishing branded contents to share daily fun in their workplaces.

Influencer demos of IG face-detection AR filter

Theme showcase of IG Story AR filter

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